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Canadian Gold Crab Cakes


1 lb. (2 pckg) Canadian Gold Snow Crab
cup. Fresh or Frozen corn kernels
2 slices of bacon finely cooked & diced
2 tbsp. Mayo
1 Egg beaten
1 tsp. Chives chopped
1 tsp. Tarragon chopped
1 tsp. Dijon mustard
cup. Cornmeal
1 pinch. Cayenne Pepper
Season with salt & pepper.


In a bowl mix the mayo, mustard, egg, and pepper. Then add the crab, corn, bacon, chives, tarragon, and of the cornmeal. Mix thoroughly then shape into equal portions forming a ball shape. Roll the cakes in the corn meal & shape them into round forms. Place on a parchment covered pan & bake for 20 mins @ 350. Remove, cool & serve with a dipping sauce of your liking.

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