Image51 Quality begins with how we source. As the saying goes, "Garbage in, Garbage out." So we start selecting quality products before they enter the system. In all wild harvested, marine animals there are seasonal variations in quality based on normal biological

cycles. With live products, we lot test in our laboratory for blood protein levels. Meat yield, and shell condition. Product is then graded and directed to processing , local markets, and, only when rigid standards are met, to our export customers. Because we need to support our boats year round, we have developed these market options so we can buy all they harvest.

Technology gives us the data, Experience gives the knowledge of the effect of handling and transport, and the needs of our customers. Both give us the ability to make quality judgments

Once quality products have been sourced, we apply the most advanced technology in the industry to maintain, in fact enhance, Quality as we stage product for packing and shipment. CG's live holding systems employ highly sophisticated Image52
monitoring, water conditioning, and feeding equipment to ensure the optimum environment, relieving biological stress and strengthening inventoried organisms. Product is continuously tested in our laboratory so we can adjust conditions to achieve our exacting standards. Subsystems remove waste products, add oxygen, provide nutrition, add fresh seawater, & adjust temperature. A manifest is kept for each lot, with data on environmental and physical conditions. This data is correlated in a computer program, by date & supply source, to provide historical context for future activity.
Image54 The quality of fresh and frozen products is determined by processing conditions and procedures. Time effects the extent of enzymatic changes which effect tissue. Sterility effects the presence of harmful bacteria. Temperature
effects the rate of degradation. All CG facilities are, of course, HACCP compliant, and CG exceeds HACCP standards in controlling all these parameters. Plant environment and product condition are continuously monitored and analyzed in our lab.

Fishing, processing , and transport schedules are carefully modulated with market requirements to ensure the shortest possible "time on the product". Since CG operates its own vehicles, we control cargo bay temperatures. We place time/temperature monitors with each consignment, so we know airfreight conditions once it's out of our hands. Quality is all about Control Image55
The Importance of Continuity
The greatest degree of control can be achieved when circumstances are predictable. Maximizing predictability, in an industry beset with many variables, depends upon the establishment of strong and effective collaboration between harvester, supplier, and customer. The maintenance of that collaboration depends on the commitment of all to the profitability of each. Good communications, mutual respect, and the willingness to share losses as well as gains, results in a continuity which maximizes control. CG's greatest asset is the ability to create and maintain that continuity. The most effective tool to achieving quality product is the forging of quality relationships.







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