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Here at Canadian Gold we believe that any successful business venture must begin with logistics. However simple this may appear , it is much more difficult than many may believe. Based on this concept we have invested time, money and energy to control the logistics of our own seafood products, to help ensure that we can maintain top quality standards for our customers.

In the fast paced environment of live fresh seafood every minute saved is going to offer you better quality product. To do so we have invested in our own Refeer Temperature controlled trucking fleet. This enables us to transit our product from fishing vessels to packing facilities and onto airlines in the fastest time possible ensuring freshness and top quality to our customers.

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As well as investing in our commercial fleet we have formed strategic relationships with dynamic companies such as Worldwide Perishables Canada Co. Our relationship with WWP has enabled us to secure airline capacities, routings and transportation. WWP has worked on our behalf to build stronger relationships with the airlines.

WWP has invested in warehouse space, refeer controlled roller bed trailers for transporting product to airlines. All in attempt to provide our customers with reliable transportation routings to ensure top quality and competitive rates.

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