Doug Mcrae, President

Canadian Gold's primary business is sourcing, processing and delivering live and fresh seafood products. These are, for the most part, perishable commodities. They are "wild" products where "harvesting" is effected by conditions we can not control.

Products are transported thousands of miles through complex transfers of trucks and planes, involving weather and scheduling conditions we can't control. They are sold into markets which are volatile, with conditions which can change significantly between the time products are ordered and when they are delivered. So risk can be high.

Because there are often many hands which touch the product on it's way to the end consumer, margins can be small, especially when less responsible suppliers don't recognize all their true costs in setting prices. And these, less responsible suppliers often drive the market. So reward can be low

In this volatile environment, few prosper, and many don't survive.

Canadian Gold has prospered because we understand how to meet the challenges of our industry. We understand that, to achieve stable sales, we must deliver high quality products, dependably, and at competitive prices, so that our customers can prosper. To maximize quality and minimize logistic variables, we use day boat product to maximize the quality and availability of supply. We operate high capacity, state-of-the-art facilities. To control our cost, we minimize overhead, engaging in as little marketing and management activity as possible. To maximize control over delivery, we operate our own trucks and our own freight forwarding company, enjoying the best possible relationship with commercial and charter airfreight companies. It's all about reducing cost and achieving maximum control over each step in the process.

Our focus is on performance and integrity, with all those whom we do business. While our facilities and equipment help us perform, it is the skill and integrity of our employees which ensure the quality of our products and the dependability of our service. It is my primary task, every day, to see to it we achieve that mission.

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