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Our research and development strategy is to continue to invest in innovative products and tools which are essential to the long-term success of the Seafood Industry.

Our commitment to research and development demonstrates our focus on the future. Our goal is to consistently produce and invest in new, innovative tools that provide the world with a healthier product tomorrow.

Ultrasonic Meat Analyzer

Groundbreaking technology developed to make it easier to measure the meat content of live lobsters - work that is currently done by hand.

The Ultrasonic Meat Analyzer helps us determine with greater certainty where to divert live lobsters – to pounds, to the live market or to canning facilities. It reduces much of the guesswork involved in determining a lobster’s meat content, which is something that is appreciated by our customers.

Blood Protein Refractometer

The level of serum protein in the blood of a lobster indicates its molt status, nutritional condition, general health, and vigor. This knowledge is of immense importance to those of us who ship or hold lobsters.

With this knowledge we can make informative decisions on how long and how far we can store and ship lobsters. Ensuring our customers the best lobsters all year round.


Cull Gauge

The Cull Gauge was developed to identify culls during lobster grading, The purpose of the gauge is to unify our grading practices to an objective standard.

By setting this objective standard, we can now ensure our customers that they will not receive culls in their shipments due to human judgment and errors.


The Lobster Carpace Tool is a mechanical tool that replicates what is manually done by a grader. By mechanically squeezing lobsters we can eliminate human error resulting in a more consistent supply of hard shell fully meated lobsters to our customers.

Visual Sorter


Tally - Ho

Visual Grader & Tally-Ho

Visual Grader is a tool used to ensure our lobsters are graded to the specifications required by our customers. When a lobster is placed on the scale the weight is taken and the appropriate box is lit up with a color, by using color there is no weights to memorize making it easy for our employees to accurately grade lobsters.

Tally-Ho is a software based method of efficiently recording the weighing of boxes making up an order of lobsters and producing a printed shipping manifest for the order.

When packing 30 lb boxes of lobsters for air shipment, it is almost impossible to pack the exact amount. Packers try to balance the amounts over and under so that on average the 30 lb target is met.

Unless the actual average is calculated it is impossible to avoid the losses caused by this estimation process. With lobsters selling for $7 - $10 per lb, the potential loss exceeds the cost of losses from any other sources.

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